The Nebraska Sandhills

In 2004 I was a research assistant studying upland birds in the Nebraska Sandhills.  I bought my first digital camera that summer in order to make a collection of wildflower photographs, but ended up taking a lot more. Rather than leave my pictures sitting on my computer, I decided to make a website to share a little bit of the Sandhills with the world. Hope you enjoy!  -Kody

My photo albums

Sandhill Sunrises

Sandhill Windmills

Sandhill Skies

Sandhill Links
The Sandhills Task Force
The Sandhills Task Force is a non-profit organization that seeks to enhance the sandhill wetland-grassland ecosystem in a way that sustains profitable private ranching, wildlife and vegetative diversity, and associated water supplies.

The Niobrara Valley Preserve
The Nature Conservancy's Niobrara Valley Preserve is one of the largest Conservancy preserves in the U.S. and a model for grassland management using bison, cattle and fire. It encompasses majestic pine-clad canyons, extensive grasslands, and a 25-mile stretch of the Niobrara River, an area known as the "biological crossroads" of the Great Plains.Sunrises.htmlWindmills.htmlSky.html
About Me...
I obtained my bachelor’s degree in Environmental/ Studies/Life Science from the University of Nebraska at Omaha in 2004.  As an undergraduate, I participated in many research  and management projects:
In 2001 I worked in tallgrass prairie restoration around the Omaha area.
In 2002 I participated in a project studying pronghorn antelope in the Ogalala National Grasslands in northwest Nebraska; I also worked on a study of Dickcissels near Omaha.
In 2003 I worked for the Nature Conservancy and Nebraska Game & Parks in prairie & wetland restoration of the central Platte River valley.
In 2004 I worked in invasive plant control in Bellevue, Nebraska’s Fontenelle Forest. I also spent the summer of 2004 working as a research assistant on a graduate student project studying the effects of cattle grazing on upland birds in the Nebraska Sandhills. This is when I took most of the photos used in this site.
After graduating in December of 2004 I got a job as a graphic designer (go figure) and worked at that position for the next three years. I am currently planning to return to school in 2009 and begin working toward a Master’s Degree in ecology.